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Grooming Room

Liberty Pet Resort offers a range of spacious kennel sizes to fit your dog’s needs. All of our kennels are indoor and outdoor kennels. The outdoor kennels are solid roof covered to keep the sun and rain off of your dog. Each kennel has a door that can be opened during good weather and closed during cold, wet or hot weather.
    The regular size run is for the small size dog and is 3’x5’ inside and 3’x10’outside, this size is perfect for a peek-a-poo, small Poodle, Maltese, generally any dog under 15 pounds.
The large size run is for the average size dog and is 4’x5’ inside and 4’x10’ outside, this size fits nicely for an Australian Shepard, Basset Hound, Beagle, a dog that is between 15 and 40 pounds. The extra large size run is for the dog that needs more room and/or an average size dog and is more rambunctious. This run measures 5'x5' inside and 5'x10' outside and usually houses breeds like Labradors, German Shephards,  Retrievers, Great Danes, pretty much any dog over 40 pounds.