I'm just the cutest,

wouldn't you agree?

Our Certified Master Groomer has a special touch with dogs. Her ability to remain calm and understanding when working with grooming dogs shows when she needs to work with young dogs, puppies and those dogs that may have been handled roughly by someone else. Understanding what the client wants and what the dogs needs is almost second nature to her. Twenty five years of experience shows the training she received and the abilities she has.

No one told me poodles do this

every month.

 Included in grooming: Trim, Bath, Nails, and Ears. Included in Bathing: Bath, Nails and Ears.

Additional: Flea & Tick Bath, Nail Grinding, Nail Clipping Only, Nail Grinding Only, Anals, Nails Polished .

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Alright, done! Cookie time!

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Life is so sweet when you're loved!

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Make sure you get my tail too!


Am I beautiful or what?

Big  Dog Summer Shave Down. Before, During and After.

​Pomeranian Before and After.