Pet Resort
Who We Are

Our Certified Master Groomer was born into a family of Dog Show People, She is a retired Professional Handler who now works with us making the small and large dogs of our community beautiful. She is the proud mother of two sons and a daughter. She has a zest for life and animals in general and are high on her important list and dogs and horses are just about at the top. She has the enviable ability to make grooming look fun, although not always easy. Grooming is her chosen Profession now and her love for it shows.

​Cindy Abate didn’t start out walking as a child she rode every imaginary horse available, even if it was just a horse on springs. She even went so far as to make one of her dogs carry what the Native American calls a Travois. She trained the dog not to be afraid of the contraption and then went to work carrying anything and everything. She grew up at a school in New York where her father was Head of Grounds and Building, which sat on 150 acres. Her 1st dream was to have a horse, now she has three. Her training horses led right into training dogs and when she and her future husband got together, they both enjoyed showing and raising dogs. Cindy has a certificate in Stable Management, and has completed the program for Pet Care Technician. Her love and understanding of dogs and animals in general has helped her in many situations where a dog was in trouble or an owner needed some help.

Rudy Abate is a man following a dream. As a young man in his twenties he worked for a breeder/boarding kennel. His time there increased his love for dogs and lead, eventually, to raising and showing German Shorthaired Pointers and a Japanese dog, the Shiba Inu. Having been on the Eastern Show Circuit for many years, he has many championships to his credit. He feels that his biggest achievement in the show ring was taking his Shiba Inu “Ben” to his championship at 9 ½ months, showing at The Westminster Show in New York City and being invited to the very first Eukanuba Tournament of Champions held in Florida. For Rudy it was a labor of love and one that is hard to beat. Not being a professional handler and making his way that far was a challenge.​​    Rudy is originally from New York and has been a contractor for most of his life. When he worked for the kennel in New York, he thought he might like to have a facility to care for dogs himself some day. On a trip to Manson, North Carolina, he and his wife found a town that was perfect for the dream and within a few years they had moved, built Liberty Pet Resort and he has never been sorry of his final destination or what he has chosen to do for the rest of his working days. He has excellent knowledge and love of dogs and enjoys helping people with their dogs.